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3 months Post grad. Leadership program.
4 weeks advance leadership diploma course
3 weeks leadership diploma course
2 weeks leadership certificate course
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CILD Global University

Advance your career to the next level earn a leadership certificate from one of  Canada’s leading universities. Courses such as:
        • Graduate Certificate in Leadership
        • Professional Certificate in Leadership
        • Certificate in Leadership
        • Queen’s Leadership Program  (5 days)
        • Developing Your Leadership Presence (2 days)

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We’re passionate about one thing: Inspiring you to outperform.Competition has never been more fierce – for businesses or for individuals looking to thrive in tomorrow’s marketplace. Outperforming is the name of the game and no  one rejuvenates, invigorates, inspires, and helps propel Canadian organizations and leaders to new heights in professional development more successfully than CILD.

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