The University of Ottawa has made offers to two students.

The 2014 application is now closed.

All Schulich Leader Nominee applications are currently being reviewed by our twenty university partners. Offers of the Schulich Leader Scholarships will be made leading up to our selection deadline of June 15th, 2014.

Thank you to all school Nominators for putting forward a 2014 SL Nominee and our best wishes to all SL Nominees competing for a 2014 Schulich Leader Scholarship!

NEW in 2014:

$80,000 scholarships will be awarded to Nominees pursuing ENGINEERING (one $80,000 scholarship distributed by each Canadian university partner).

Each of our 20 participating universities will also be selecting one Schulich Leader pursuing a degree in science, technology or mathematics at $60,000.

GOOD LUCK IN 2015. Please check back updates

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