Canadian Institute of Leadership and Development (CILD) pioneers new ways of looking at leadership and methodologies for leading in a complex world. Programs emphasize experience, knowledge, integrity, human capital development, creativity hands on learning in the corporate, government, and non profit sectors, and applied research in best leadership practices.

The leadership of CILD seeks to bridge the gaps between disciplines, science, ethics, politics, economy, business, education, law, and other disciplines.

CILD is committed to cultivating and supporting interest in leadership development at all levels. CILD is composed of a group of multidisciplinary and multicultural professionals who have excel in their chosen disciplines.


CILD focus to build inspired partnership that prepare the next generation of leaders. CILD provide the best professional development and career management opportunities through the application of the most updated curriculum.


The mission of CILD is to provide a platform in which the philosophies, attitudes, mental perceptions of leadership are developed. We seek to implement this platform through the following channels:

✓ Academic excellence

✓ Creativity and proactive attitudes

✓ Entrepreneurial culture

✓ Ethical behaviours

✓ Community engagement



The foundation of our work together is our commitment to strive for excellence. Our innovative programs, interdisciplinary research, collaborative partnerships, and talented team of facilitators are all strategically aligned to contribute.

To be your go-to leadership and professional development partner, opening up lines of communication, transformation individuals and organization and preparing all to thrive in tomorrow’s marketplace. We work to:

Design a unique and powerful leadership training and development solutions that fit your industry’s and organization’s needs and help you meet your real-world goals.

✓ Engage and provide an uplifting, motivational and transformational learning experience.

✓ Create immediate opportunities for high-potential leaders seeking the status and recognition they dream of.

✓ Inspire, guide and elevate better leaders across your organization.

✓ Provide the platform for professional development through formation of chapters on the global bases..

Canadian Institute of Leadership and Development leads, changes, and impacts……!