CILD runs management and leadership courses in a range of areas that enhance human resource development.

Training Programs include the following management/leadership development courses:

✓ Executive Leadership

✓ Building High Performance Teams

✓ Coaching Skills for Managers

✓ From Manager to Leader

✓ Leading through Change

✓ Women Leadership

✓ Managing & Modelling Continuous Improvement

✓ Project Management

 Training Delivery Options

Canadian Institute of Leadership and Development offers flexible delivery options. Depending on the needs of your target audience and the focus of your curriculum, you can choose the best-fit for your audience and the desired learning experience.


This is the traditional face-to-face method of delivery brings together a group of participants and an expert facilitator for a specified duration ranging from a ½ day to 3+ days. Our classroom sessions are designed to be highly interactive and relevant to the needs of the audience. Instructor-Led Classroom sessions continue to be the most popular modality. Participants enjoy the in-person interaction, sharing of diverse experiences, networking with their peers, and applying their learning in a safe environment with the benefit of real-time coaching and feedback from their facilitator.


A virtual classroom is a live, interactive session using web conference technology to engage learners. These pre-scheduled sessions offer an alternative and effective approach to reach a broader target audience. Delivered by one of our expert facilitators, these sessions are designed to replicate many of the same benefits of an instructor-led classroom session while eliminating the need for travel and the cost of training facilities.


e-learning programs leverage technology to provide access to content anytime, anywhere. This mode can be engaged to provide a self-study option or reference tool for participants to offer just-in-time access to information when they need it. e-Learning programs can be developed as independent learning programs or as a blended learning tool to support instructor-led or virtual classroom sessions.