The CILD Leadership Certificate Program is designed for candidates who are new to leadership as well as those who hold leadership positions. This non-credit certificate program is FREE for all and is a co-curricular opportunity designed to supplement the academic experience.The program offers students the opportunity to explore three key themes of leadership including; individual growth, group development, and community experience. Through learning and growth in these areas, students will develop the skills to affect change and make an impact.


3 months Post graduate Leadership program
4 weeks Advance Leadership diploma course
3 weeks Leadership diploma course
2 weeks Leadership certificate course
Leaders of Tommorow -Leadership initiative for Engineering Students

Step 1: The Model and Registration

Registration is easy!

The CILD Leadership Certificate Program is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership and is one of the most widely used models in post secondary education. The model approaches leadership as a purposeful, collaborative, values based process that results in positive social change.

The values of the model make up the three themes of leadership that our workshops and certificate content are focused on; individual growth, group development, and community experience. The model is cyclical in nature, but begins with the individual student.

Step 2: The Workshops and the Requirements

The Leadership Certificate Program uses different methods of delivery to help students learn and apply leadership skills in a way that appeals to various learning styles.

The first part of the program focuses on Individual Growth and Group Development workshops. Students will attend three workshops in each theme to learn specific skills and be exposed to ideas that will create discussion and reflection. To supplement this learning, the second part of the program has students participate in a Community Experience project where they can actively apply what they have learned in the workshops.

Step 3: Reflection Project

The reflection project differs from the Community Experience in the sense that it is an evaluation of the entire leadership certificate experience. Students are invited to present their experience in any format and medium (written, song, dance, art, speech, performance etc.) to the Community in a way that communicates their experience and how it may affect their future. Students who complete the full Leadership Certificate Program or are near completion will be invited to a Student Leader Recognition lunch and will be encouraged to share their experience with the program at this time. Be sure to submit a form telling us about your reflection project here so we can give you credit for this requirement.

Step 4: Certificate and Recognition

Once you have completed all the requirements for the Leadership Certificate Program (three Individual Growth workshops, three Group Development workshops, one Citizenship Project and written submission, and one program reflection project), you will need to request your certificate by submitting this form.

Certificates will be presented at our CILD Leadership Certificate Ceremony. Students who have completed the program will be invited to the event and are encouraged to share their experience.


Contact CILD for further information regarding this certification