What are CILD’s Live Online Seminars? They’re live, interactive, instructor-led courses that are completely user-friendly and accessible from your office or home PC. They’re the perfect time-saving alternative when you want training but can’t get away from the office.

Who teaches the Live Online Seminars? A member of CILD’s expert faculty of business professionals will lead your seminar. Beyond our course leaders’ experience in business training, they are specially trained to present CILD’s high-quality content in an engaging, live online format.

Do I need to buy any special equipment to experience the seminar? No— The only other equipment you need is a PC (see below for basic technical requirements).

What do I need to know to connect to the Live Online Seminar? We want you to feel completely comfortable and ready to go, so we’ll e-mail you before your scheduled seminar and give you all the information you need about the simple set-up process.

What are the interactive features? You’ll be able to speak to and/or electronically communicate with the instructor and other attendees. You can also share files, view the instructors desktop, ask questions, tell the instructor to speak louder, softer, slow down, etc. (through simple icons). You’ll see what your instructor is writing, view and hear questions and comments from other attendees, and be able to work in subgroups.

How far in advance do I need to register for my seminar? The earlier the better. That way, you’ll receive your headset before the first lesson and have plenty of time to do any pre-work, downloading, pre-assessments, etc. that your seminar might require. In order to experience the Live Online Seminar to its fullest, we recommend you register no later than one week before Lesson One.

I registered for a Live Online Seminar. Why haven’t I heard from you? After you register, we will always e-mail you to confirm your registration and provide you with additional information before your first lesson. Occasionally, however, customers may not receive the e-mails because of their company’s e-mail security settings, a spam blocker or an incorrect e-mail address. If you registered but didn’t get your confirmation e-mail the day after registration, your log-in information two weeks before Lesson One, please notify Customer Care at (647) 781-3485 immediately. We will make sure you have everything you need before your seminar.

What are the technical requirements for my computer? The sessions are delivered via an Internet Explorer browser session using Adobe Acrobat Connect. To ensure a smooth experience, your computer should have:

High Speed Internet Connection256 Kbit/s minimum

Internet Explorer Browser v6.0 or higher

Adobe Flash Player v10.1 or higher

Adobe Acrobat Reader v9 or higher

USB Headset

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