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Discover how CILD’s experiential learning approach can provide you and your organization with engaging, inspiring, and interactive solutions.

What We Do

Keep up-to-date and out in front, with CILD’s instructors, comprehensive seminars, Webcasts, podcasts, books and articles.

CILD Customized Solutions

To bring your organization to the next level, CILD creates tailored solutions using our comprehensive business development methodology. Everything from seminars to books, Webcasts to podcasts, whitepapers and more may be leveraged to deliver the right solution to bridge your organization’s need gap.

How to Get Started

Explore the site and find valuable information and useful tools on every page.

Corporate On-Site Solutions

Powerful and convenient; CILD expert instructors deliver the latest business thinking and leading-edge insights directly to your organization at your offices.

21st Century Skills

Today’s fast-paced business environment requires a different way of thinking, and new type of manager—a manager with creative, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills.