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The Women’s Leadership program provides a range of learning experiences that add up to a powerful, transformative week, to make an impact on your business.

4/17/18Toronto2 daysWinter


4/17/18Montreal2 daysSummer


Key topics will include:

✔ Leadership—aligning your leadership strategy and style with your own personal values and self-image. Leading team effectively, developing own leadership capability using action learning

✔ Innovation—identifying opportunities for new or enhanced products, services, and business models, while supporting entrepreneurial initiatives

✔ Negotiation—capturing maximum value through skillful and effective negotiation. Understanding the good practice in workplace coaching.

✔ Service Management—Developing yourself as a team leader, motivating, planning and monitoring work, helping your organization enhance service and differentiate on service excellence

✔ Change—leading organizational change and creating an environment that inspires and sustains results-focused change

✔ Values—implementing ethical negotiation and decision-making strategies across all levels of the organization

Your organisation will gain:

Female managers reaching and fulfilling potential
Individuals prepared for promotion into senior roles.

What is the programme about?

Women as Leaders helps you to think positively about ambition, power, impression management and career success. By joining this personal development programme you will engage in stimulating research presentations, group discussions, a 360 degree leadership profile, co-counselling sessions, facilitation groups and depart with an elite network of women in business to work with in the future.

This programme is very participative in its approach by combining tutor input, group discussions and smaller group work designed to help participants develop insights about their assumptions, beliefs and behaviours. Each participant will have opportunities to review progress made against her personal learning goals as the programme proceeds.

Who is the programme for?

Experienced women professionals and managers who, for whatever reason, feel stuck in their careers, or feel that they would like to accelerate their careers.


Susan Vinnicombe

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