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3/12/2018Toronto2 daysWinter


3/4/2018Montreal2 daysSummer


Building Your Company’s Global Capabilities

Many leading companies are evolving from multinational structures into global organizations, yet struggling to find a core group of global leaders who are effective operating in regions around the world, independent of their national origin. The most progressive of these recognize that to serve their global customers most effectively, the diversity of their leadership must mirror the diversity of the customers they serve. They recognize that leadership can no longer be concentrated at headquarters with leaders from the headquarters country, but that they will need hundreds of leaders who are effective operating anywhere in the world.

Global leadership can be developed if leaders possess deep interest in other cultures, in collaborating across cultures, and in integrating the best of an organization’s capabilities to maximize effectiveness through superior global leadership. In the long run, this is the company’s only true sustainable competitive advantage.

Developing as an Authentic Global Leader

Leading a Global Enterprise is designed to help you take on the greater challenges of building a global company in today’s volatile world. It will prepare you for the broader and more complex experiences of integrating the best capabilities from different parts of the world into your global leadership team to create a sustainable competitive advantage for your company. The program will help you become an admired global leader who is trusted by colleagues around the world, who inspires them to perform at their highest level, who is sought out for advice, and who creates exceptional value for your company.

During this intensive week, you will explore the qualities of successful global leaders and uncover the unique characteristics that comprise your leadership. Leading a Global Enterprise focuses on enabling you to develop your “global intelligence,” in order to develop and improve:

  • Your worldview to understand the global business context in a volatile world and to adapt rapidly to this ever-changing environment
  • Your executive leadership in order to gain the self-awareness, cultural curiosity, and empathy to be effective operating anywhere in the world, while understanding the dominant paradigms of your home country
  • Your leadership capability to align people around your company’s mission and its values
  • Your ability to collaborate across boundaries by leveraging the capabilities of diverse leaders and building internal and external networks around the world
  • Your capacity to integrate both global and local perspectives into winning strategies

Each participant will be assigned to a True North Group (TNG) with several other participants. TNGs are designed to provide a powerful peer-based forum where leaders can discuss their development and share their challenges in private, intimate settings that allow for more openness and reflection than are possible in a large group setting. This enables participants to become more aware of the role that their cultural origins and life experiences play in their development as global leaders and to gain a deeper understanding about the formative experiences of leaders from other areas of the world.