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3/12/2018Toronto2 daysWinter


3/4/2018Montreal2 daysSummer


By using the change model that is taught in this program, organizations can expect the development of business-wide change management capabilities. This program is developing to inspire you and other to execute a vision of change. Being a manager means being on top of projects, having the right people on the right jobs and keeping the strategic work flowing.

Key topics will include:

  • Leading Change–Discovering why transformations efforts fail
  • Resisting to the change–Learning about factors and functionality in the business
  • Change through persuasion- Empowering your followers to create a vision by sharpening an ownership culture to a superior value attitude
  • Creating a framework–Helping executives to evaluate their transformation initiatives and shine a spotlight on interventions that would improve potentialities for success.
  • Managing portfolios of projects-Analysing new perspectives of scope management, time management, cost management, risk management, quality management, and communications management.
  • Leadership Style and Impact– Focusing on challenges of leading change, creating a culture of leadership and motivating a diverse workforce, understanding how personal decisions affect organization efficiency.
  • Extraordinary Leadership– Drawing a lesson from the lives of successful leaders who were able to inspire and change others perspectives in others within their organizations. Creating personal visions to inspire others to help create positive organization change.