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3/12/2018Toronto2 daysWinter


3/4/2018Montreal2 daysSummer


Leaders of tommorrow is  leadership initiative for  students in the Department of  Engineering.  LOT will offered students opportunities to practice their presentation skills, engage with alumni, and learn more about their responsibility as engineers to contribute to public policy and societal decision-marking.

Key topics will include:

LOT expanded into a Faculty-wide program with a clear mandate:

  • To strengthen the experience of engineering students by providing coherent, structured and intentional learning opportunities to enhance their leadership development.
  • To enhance the connection between the field of engineering, with all its technical, analytical and problem solving capability, and society, enabling graduates to contribute more fully as engineers and citizens.

LOT is a dynamic and vibrant program that continues to engage engineering students to achieve their goals through diverse programming and innovative teaching.

LOT program for African Schools