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3/12/2018Toronto2 daysWinter


3/4/2018Montreal2 daysSummer


Even the most innovative and insightful business strategy will not succeed without the right people in place. To surge ahead of the competition, your company must take a strategic approach to attracting, developing, and rewarding talent and strong performance. Drawing on recent faculty research and assessment tools, this program helps general managers and senior human resources executives identify their talent management strengths and weaknesses and manage their company’s most valuable asset—its workforce.

Improving Your Company’s Performance:

  • Align incentives, rewards, and talent with its core business strategy
  • Identify and address key gaps in talent management performance
  • Allocate talent management resources intelligently, favoring programs that contribute materially to organizational performance
  • Recognize new talent and develop the organization’s leadership capacity over time
  • Create a positive work environment that maximizes the value of everyone’s contribution
  • Institute a robust hiring process that anticipates future leadership needs, identifies the competencies needed, and nurtures a sufficient candidate pool
  • Implement a well-articulated and widely accepted diversity strategy
  • Integrate newcomers into the organization in ways that maximize their ability to perform and succeed
  • Manage the complexities of reorganizations, mergers, and downsizing as part of the strategic hiring process

Taking Your Skills to the Next Level

This program gives you valuable time to step back, assess your organization’s current approach to talent, and create a personalized action plan targeting specific changes you need to make. Exploring the latest thinking and research, you will develop a deeper understanding of the link between individual and corporate performance, master the talent management systems needed to drive success, and develop your ability to lead organizational change. You will emerge better prepared to:

  • Assess the maturity and effectiveness of your organization’s talent management system in comparison with other companies
  • Create a culture that recognizes the value of talented people
  • Implement talent management practices consistently across the organization
  • Attract and develop talent throughout a multinational company and ensure positive working relationships
  • Implement best practices to transform hiring into a continuous process that includes anticipating and analyzing future needs
  • Direct strategic and tactical talent realignments to ensure that your talent aligns with your business strategy
  • Motivate employees to achieve their goals by implementing more effective performance evaluation and incentive strategies
  • Develop reward and motivation plans that are fully integrated with your talent management strategy